Pierre Rulens

Tree project

Trees are a symbol of life.

They are inhabited by a multitude of living beings, and thus a perfect symbol of this real estate development, which is called Tree.

With their root structure, trees are the incarnation of stability, conveying diversity and difference with their multiple essences. Characteristics that are essential to harmony.

By its constructivist form, the sculpture blends in with the orthogonal rigour and minimalism of the architectural space. When seen from a certain angle and on the subliminal level, the structured parts of the sculpture (imprints of tree bark) form a tree trunk that extends across the entire height of the sculpture. This reminds the viewer, in a rather troubling way, that the sculpture is inhabited by a tree.

The reflections disperse these pieces of bark in the polished parts, when seen from another angle, reminding us of how fragile we are.

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