Pierre Rulens

Nautilus project

Art gives us a means to communicate, to express ourselves. It describes and transforms us.

The idea of creating a work for the Nautilus project stems from the desire to offer and share an emotion with the residents, paving the way for dialogue.

The development’s situation along the canal (a centuries-old axis for human exchanges) draws the visitor’s and the resident’s attention because of the water and the tranquillity of the towpath.

The sculpture, which has been centrally positioned on the development’s esplanade, invites people to meet, creating a place for exchange.

The anti-clockwise Archimedean spiral, that has been incorporated in the Nautilus esplanade, was added by the architects, to create a link between the sculpture and the development.

The bundle of lines connecting the two spirals symbolises the 24 time zones, the 24 hours of the day.

A monumental, living sculpture, that continually reflects the light during the day, depending on how the sunlight falls on it, creates an interplay of light and shadow on the esplanade, adding a playful dimension for everyone.

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