Anatoly Stolnikoff

Who has never engraved important words on the bark with the secret hope of finding them much later, can be evidence of a beautiful intention that we wanted to see persist over time?
Inspired by the winding of plane tree bark, sort of fallen skin
at the feet of the abstract walker of reality, the corten sheet cut out with the laser then curved will be lace with the words evocative of the surrounding landscapes. Transparent text without syntax, it is rather a series of impressions summarized in single words put end to end.
This will create a dialogue between the inhabitants of these places and the sculpture.

Olafur Eliason

die Umschreibung

Olafur Eliasson est né en 1967 à Copenhague. L’artiste a grandi au Danemark et en Islande et vit aujourd’hui entre Berlin et Copenhague. Il a déjà participé à différentes expositions au Astrup Fearnley Museum d’Oslo, au Tate Modern de Londres, à la biennale de Venise, au Museum of Modern Art de New-York.

Son activité artistique est particulièrement centrée sur les phénomènes naturels physiques tels que l’eau, la lumière et le mouvement.