Isabelle Thiltgès

Exclusively dedicated to the Elyx project, Origine has been thought through according to the context for which it is intended: a serene setting and
green at the heart of which the hectic pace of the city seems to subside, where healing, the return to oneself seems possible. A work thought in fact in curved lines which sculpt the smooth shapes and the space voluntarily left free in the center of the room
not to close any perspective; to open the fields, to let see, to breathe, to pass the glances through the matter, present but integrated into the environment and respectful of the perspectives offered by the natural environment that it never hinders. A
work in curves that summon the desire to touch in the hope of finding softness; soothing curves drawing a form fully integrated into the vegetal framework that everyone can interpret and appropriate.

Olafur Eliason

die Umschreibung

Olafur Eliasson est né en 1967 à Copenhague. L’artiste a grandi au Danemark et en Islande et vit aujourd’hui entre Berlin et Copenhague. Il a déjà participé à différentes expositions au Astrup Fearnley Museum d’Oslo, au Tate Modern de Londres, à la biennale de Venise, au Museum of Modern Art de New-York.

Son activité artistique est particulièrement centrée sur les phénomènes naturels physiques tels que l’eau, la lumière et le mouvement.